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Palisade Fencing &
Custom Made Gates

We have a variety of palisade fencing style options made from either pre galvanized steel or hot dipped steel, making this a durable and maintenance free solution.

Vibracrete, Diamond Mesh &
Beta Fence

Vibracrete is an affordable, easy to install first line of defence. Our pre-cast walling options use raw materials that are locally sourced and all products conform to SANS standards.

Spikes, Razor Wire &
Wooden Fences

Razor wire and spikes walls have sharp points, made to rip and grab onto clothing and flesh, and have a strong psychological deterrent effect on would be intruders.

Welcome to Eco Fence Cape

Eco Fence Cape specialises in the installation of perimeter security solutions such as galvanised palisade fences, vibracrete walls, electric fences, gates, razor wire and spikes.

We are owner-operated and pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time and personal service. Manufacture and production timings are efficiently managed to ensure that you receive the product of our choice installed with minimum delay. Eco Fence Cape's ability to tailor-make your product selection to your specifications ensures that we can find both a stylish and budget friendly solution to all your perimeter security needs.

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Click here to view the Boundary Walls and Fences Policy for Cape Town .

Our team

Why physical security barriers?

With security being top of mind within the South African psyche, physical security measures that are designed to deny unauthorized access as well as protect your property and loved ones from damage or harm are especially important.

Multiple layers of interdependent systems to secure your property, deter and delay entry are the most effective at ensuring that you and your property remain safe from harm. Deterrence requires barriers: psychological, physical, or both; however we should never expect barriers to stop a motivated intruder. Fences, walls, electric fencing, spikes and razor wire act as the outermost layer of your security system by defining the perimeter of your property and provide a level of effort and planned delay.

We at Eco Fence Cape believe that an effective first line of defence is the first step in creating a secure environment in conjunction with other systems such as natural defence, security lighting, alarms and sensors and surveillance.

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